Wonkas World of Candy Hack Cheats For Beginners

wonkas world of candy hack

MR. Willy Wonka comes back from a long journey, and he finds that his chocolate factory is in very abandoned status, and he needs your help to reopen it, by solving the match 3 puzzles. Willy entrusted you the keys of his factory. Now, it’s time on you to renovate his factory and be his ultimate advisor for the company designs. Wonka’s world of candy is a game which takes you in the space of decoration, where you have to put all your creativity in the renovation of the fanciful factory.

Zynga launched this game on Android and on iOS, which keeps the playing strategy, visuals and decoration logistic identical to the Gardenscapes. The gameplay is, you have to solve the match 3 puzzles and earn the stars, and renovate factory elements using those stars. At the beginning of the game, match 3 puzzles look quite simple but later they will be tough gently. Therefore, we have come up with these cheats to get high scores. So, without wasting any time, let’s start for the tips and tricks for the Wonka’s world of candy.

5 Best Ever Tips and Tricks and Hacks for Wonka’s World of Candy

Here are the top 5 best tips and tricks you can use in wonka’s world of candy game:

  1. Save your moves and try to get a good score

You have a limited number of moves to reach your goal. You have to clear some specific amount of candies to win the puzzle board. To get a high score in each match, you need to make the highest score in that level, which is only possible by using the fewest number of moves and proper use of candy pairs.

The benefit of saving moves is, the remaining moves will get converted into the rockets and blow all leftover candies and give you some extra coins as a bonus. Saving the moves also effect on your score. When you are playing a puzzle on board, you will notice that a score bar on the top left side of a screen, which will fill-up slowly with your points of every move.

If you fill-up this bar completely, there’s a hat at the end of this bar, which gets turned into the golden color which means you make the highest score in the level. If that hat will be golden in the color, then you got some extra bonus coins as a reward. You may also use wonkas world of candy hack if you don’t want to use the legit tips.

  1. Try to create more and more powerups

By matching candies in a way so you can create a powerup which increases your score a lot in only one move. You have to combine the same number of candies to create powerups. Each powerup has a different blasting effect. Just find a chance to combine same candies in the board to get them. Below, we have listed all the powerups.

Fizzy bubble: – combine five same-colored candies to get a fizzy bubble. You can combine them into the L or in the T shape. Once fizzy bubble occurs in a game, it will blast after a few seconds which cleans all near-by candies of the area in the 3×3 formation.

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Rocket: – if you combine four candies in a square pattern, then those four candies get changed into the rocket-shaped candy. Which clear all surrounding candies as well as clears a random single candy from the whole board.

Everlasting gobstopper: – you can create the powerup by combining six same candies in the row or in the column. Gobstopper is a pretty interesting powerup, this powerup will convert a huge amount of candies in the same color, which blasts at the same time and increase your score.

Sugar beams: – you can create a sugar beam powerup by combining four candies in a row or in the column. Sugar beam breaks all candies which are in its path. Sugar beam clear all candies of that row or column where its direction will orient.

Colorsplash cordial: – to create a Colorsplash cordial, you have to combine six candies of the same color. This is the only powerup which is very helpful to make a good score. You can use Colorsplash cordial anytime, this powerup will quickly match all candies of the corresponding candy you swap with. Use this candy carefully to beat the high score.

Luckily, if you got two powerups beside, then use them with each other. If you swap two powerups with each other, then they will perform incredible explosion by combining their powers and help you to get ultimate high score.

  1. Don’t waste your coins and boosters

You will earn only two things from every puzzle and that are, gold coins and the stars. There are many things where you can spend your coins, like buying custom decorations, boosters, and continuing the match. If you are losing a puzzle and already waste all of your moves, then you can continue the match by buying extra moves in exchange of coins. Before continuing that type of match, first check that if you have really completed the more than eighty percent of part for that match, if you do, only then spend money on it.

Mainly go for the free of cost decoration, once you have an excess amount of coins then only buy paid decoration, other than, use the free of cost decorations. You can buy boosters by spending extra coins. Try to avoid using boosters in the match and focus on to create powerups. Use boosters only in creepy hard conditions.

  1. Earn stars and check your tasks

Stars are important to do decorations in the unlocked zones, as well as, they are important to unlock new zones. You can earn stars by winning the puzzles. You can play previous puzzles to earn some quick stars and coins. If you get stuck on any hard level and want some quick stars to decorate something or to change decoration of anything, then just play previous levels and earn quick stars from it. Go to the task list and choose a task from it to level-up faster.

You can see a small bar is available there in the tasks section which fills up when you complete your tasks, once that bar will get fill-up completely, it will give you a huge reward of the coins and the power-ups. Therefore, try to complete tasks as soon as possible.

  1. Gather all free coins from Facebook and from everyday login

After completing the first few levels, you can join your Facebook account to the Wonka’s world of candy. In case, if you change your device, and want to continue all saved process on that new device, then linking Facebook account is only the way to do this.

When you link your Facebook account to this game, then you can play this game on any device and recover your saved process from the Facebook account on that current device. Another best ever benefit for linking your Facebook account to Wonka’s world of candy is, they will give you 1000 gold coins for free as an incentive amount.

Another way to get free coins and boosters are, claiming the everyday login reward. You just have to open a game at least once per day. The game gives you coins, boosters, and other essential things as a daily login reward. You can see the daily login reward calendar, by clicking on the W icon which is available at the lower left side of the screen. Click on the W icon and again tap on the daily reward tab to see that calendar. Each calendar resets after every 21 days, it means you can see only 21 further rewards of daily login.

That’s all essential tips and tricks for Wonka’s world of candy. Now it is time to help MR. Wonka to decorate his factory, just use our above-mentioned tips and tricks and get the highest score. Stay tuned with us for more updates, cheats and tricks for the new games and apps.