Survival Royale – How To Boost Your Survival Chances?

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Boosting survival chances is the sole motive of each player in Survival Royale mobile. Yes, there are many ways to achieve the cause but here we would like to mention some easy and effective Survival Royale tips and tricks.

As a player, you are facing fierce opponents across a large map but with contracting playable area. You need all those valuable weapons to kill opponents and boost your winning chances. In general, players try to get more gold and health by spending real money on the in-app purchase but if you are short of cash for the mobile game resources better is to opt for Survivor royale hack tool.

These cheats are pretty effective in generating unlimited gold and health free of cost but only when applied properly. More often than not, gamers do make a habit of using the hack tool extensively and face trouble in the form of account banning. Here in our post, we would like to reveal personal experience regarding Survivor Royale game and the manner in which Survivor royale cheats should be dealt with.

Survivor Royale – Personal Experience

Winning in Survival Royale is everyone’s aim and it isn’t possible until the right strategy is followed. Well, my Survivor Royale Review can help in progressing with ease and earning higher amount of currencies. There is also a similar guide present on fortnite game you can access the same at to learn how to get free v bucks in fortnite.

As the game is offering good graphics and realistic visual so you shouldn’t get dragged into the interactive features only. Outwitting and outlasting is essence factor and surviving 20 minutes can ensure the victory.

Personally, I have used many methods and the given tips and tricks can help for sure. Before beginning, just have a good internet connection as the server breaks down, you will lose. Mostly play over stable Wi-Fi connection and play using the flight mode in typical levels.

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  • While landing over the ground, try to go faster and don’t open the parachute earlier because it will slow down the landing. Focus on collectibles and don’t miss a single thing as the more you collect, the more you increase chances to win.
  • The 20-minute course seems to be easy however there are 100 of players trying to kill each other and survive. Defense is important and you can hide in some locations to stay safe and never face issues due to.
  • While landing, sightseeing will give you the opportunity to land in area that can provide more collectibles. Memorize some of the locations as it will help in staying safe while moving from one location to another. Use Survivor royale hack and gain more collectibles as well as currencies free of cost.
  • Don’t rush while landing because you need to focus on sightseeing. However, after finding the right location to land on, rush to that area. After reaching down, run to collectibles and don’t let opponent come closer by killing them.
  • The tutorials provided can ease up in getting faster access to other things. Learn the pure basics and don’t skip the tweaks to get some of the advanced tweaks. It can help in earning higher amount of currencies too. Personally, I focused on the tweaks to know the method to progress faster.
  • The game is started before you start and as you choose the server, some of the gamers are already in the game but each of them starts landing together. The more time you waste the more collectibles you lose.

These are important while beginning and you need to focus on such aspects. There are some other advanced Survivor royale tips that can help in later stages.

Focus On Surroundings

No doubt, the game is dense and complicated due to so many things going on. Try to focus on all the things surroundings so that you don’t get into any issue. Pick up all the important stuff and use headphones to hear everything going around. Hide and look around. If there is no one then move to next location and kill the opponent.

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Precise attacks are possible by beginning as slow and targeting well. Go for the headshot if there is time and while faster-paced attacks, focus more on the body and use the defense. You can try out such Survivor royale tricks and get rid of all the issues.

What Else?

Being a good gamer isn’t tough as many talk about it. The use of survivor royale cheats can ease up and provide you good amount of currencies to progress. Just focus on collectibles and improvement of attacks. More accuracy is able to help you kill a higher number of the opponent and pacing conveniently. On the other hand, there are many weapons to choose from so select the right weapons and be the winner.

How To Deal With Survivor royale hack?

Finally, if you have decided to use cheats for the competitive mobile game, you need to take care of some aspects. With the following points, you will not only use the hack tool properly but also play Survivor Royale with unlimited gold and health.

  1. In order to start with, never opt for hack and cheats that demand downloading and installation. Such tools are merely waste of time and most of them do contain viruses and malicious codes. Ideally, you need to opt for an online tool that doesn’t bring any changes in your gaming device.
  2. Never use the tools demanding you to complete long surveys. These surveys mostly try to get some useful information from your side and misuse them. There are many no survey and no human verification cheats that can get you gold and health for the game free of cost.
  3. Don’t share your personal details like password while accessing the hacks and cheats. Try to apply safe hacks that are professionally coded and easy to use.


Dominating Survivor Royale will become a lot easy if you are able to apply proper tactics along with execution of working and safe Survivor royale hack tool. Never ever waste your money on these game resources as they are many tips to get them. Still, in the end, you need to spend more time while playing the game and try to figure out areas where you can improve.