How to Progress In Everwing Game Faster? 5 Simple Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Everwing

Are you trying to progress in Everwing game faster? Want to become a great player by defeating all enemies?

If yes, then in order to solve all quires and achieve all targets, all players need to pay attention to forthcoming content.

Here we are going to mention some top tricks to progress in Everwing game faster like no one another can.  Well prior to discussing some useful methods, let have a quick review of play first.

Everwing is an exciting battle game which can be played on Facebook and Messenger. There is no need to pay any cent for playing the game as it is entirely free available.

Each player needs to customize their fairy or guardian to fight with other enemies. There are both modes added in-the game either a user can play solo or can play in multiplayer mode.

Multi chats are used through messenger chats and create different bosses.


The magnet that monsters drop during a fight is actually more important for players.  Although there are many power-ups and boosters added in-the game to pass level quickly, magnet plays a vital role also.

The magnet contains the ability to pull all coins, gems, trophies, and items towards the guardian. Before making an attack, knows the importance of loot and takes advantage of the magnet.

It helps you to collect all in-game rewards quickly besides play smoothly without getting frustrated.

Train dragons and upgrade guardians

With the help of coins (the primary currency of the game), you are able to upgrade guardians as well as train dragons. Upgrades and training make them enough stronger to win every single battle mode.

Don’t forget to update your guardians and dragons as they are the source of earning. It makes you feel happy and explore endless fun by winning the battles.

Challenging missions

Don’t forget to play challenging tasks where you can challenge your Facebook friends to play with you.

A significant advantage of participating in challenging tasks is that when you complete them besides winning them, it’ll offer different kinds of rare rewards as well as in-game currencies.

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The prizes may include-

  • Dragon eggs
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Trophies
  • Guardians

Send sidekick dragons to quests

No doubt the best way to train your dragons is to send them in different pursuits. They’ll gain a lot of experience of the fight by completing quests.

Gamers can easily send their dragons to quest in 24 hours. Also, it is a great way to level up faster, like no one another can.

Earn in-game currencies

As we discuss, all individuals must earn in-game currencies as much as possible. It may help them to succeed in the game without getting out of resources.

With the help of coins, trophies, and gems, gamers are able to collect different items; upgrades besides can perform complicated tasks efficiently. There are many everwing cheats available in game to earn all kinds of currencies in a more massive amount.

Try to complete all assignments for grabbing more advantages also to become a pro player.