Megapolis Game – Top 2 Tips You Should Know About!

Megapolis Game is a type of social building game where a player needs to create their city/state and to spread happiness among various characters. It is available on Android and iOS platforms.

It is one of the most popular games that is offering a significant amount of benefits to the users. Each player in the game needs to build a powerful empire where more people can live life happily.

No, it’s not an easy task to choose the place and to create various buildings, lots of efforts a user needs to spend. But with the use of top megapolis cheats and tricks, you can easily play the game and can earn more currencies to build a city.

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  • Select a comfortable place

Choose a comfortable place to create buildings, empire, and houses where all the characters can live correctly. It is considered as one of the hardest things in the game to select a comfortable place for making buildings.

Think about it logically if you are creating a structure where you will build it? At a spacious position? Where more greenery is available? Or at a particular place where there is less pollution?

In my point of view, where all these three elements are available where you can make a building. Megapolis Game allows you to select a favorite place by checking the features and details. So that you can easily choose a place to build your own empire.

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  • Basics of population

Once you finish the work of making some houses in your city, the criteria of community automatically increase. But you should know the basic population features.

When you build any home, there is a need to click on the house option for selecting the folks and population criteria filled. It helps you to attract more characters and increase the population of your city.