Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery- A Complete Guide

The role playing games are getting more and more popularity in these days. We can see a plenty of such type of games present on the play store. However, if we talk about the famous games then this list becomes shorter and shorter.

Harry potter hogwarts mystery is considered as the best and most famous role playing a video game. Well, this game basically based on the harry potter series of J.K. Rowling.

The publisher of this game is Portkey games and the developer is Jam City. This game is available for both types of devices which are Android and IOS. So whether you have the Android device or IOS one, it doesn’t matter. In order to download this, you are only required to go to the suitable app store.

In this game, the player is able to customize or create their own personal avatar. Not only this, they are also allowed to embark on quests, battle rivals, learn spells and attend the several magic classes.

Essential tips and tricks for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

If you are a beginner then it may feel difficult to play. Harry potter hogwarts mystery hack no survey tricks can help all the beginners to understand the concept of playing. So if you want to play this game in a proper manner then it is advised to follow all essential tips and tricks which are going to be described in the further article.

Earn energy– when we are playing this game then the energy is considered as the main issue. We will stuck at the point of the game when we don’t have the sufficient energy. In order to get the energy, we can also wait for filling back the energy meter. Well, energy is playing a very important role in the entire game and there are several ways to get this. While we can also purchase this but we can also choose some ways by which players can get energy for free and here are the names of such ways –

  • Level up
  • Complete activities
  • Wait
  • Spend gems

Collect the currencies- there are mainly two currencies can be seen in this amazing role playing game. Gems and coins are the names of the currencies by which players are able to buy so many things such as different items, clothes and so on. We can easily collect the harry potter hogwarts mystery unlimited gems in the game by making little efforts. When we talk about the ways of getting the currency of game then there are several ways present.

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack

The first way is purchasing these by using the real money. This is the first way which is generally don’t like by the players because they are required to spend a lot of bucks. If you don’t want to spend money then you can go with the other option which is completing activities. There are several activities organized in the game and we should take participate in such activities because the winner will be awarded by a great amount of currency.

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Pay attention to house points- When we talk about the task of building up the points then this is the main task of this game and we should always pay a proper attention to such task. There are various ways which can help in earning the house points which are going to be detailed below.

  • When you are making the choice of dialogue then we always make sure that we are going with the options which have the ability to keep with the values of the chosen house.
  • There are some story quests in the game and we should complete such activities so that we can attain the house points.
  • We should always perform better when we are giving the demonstration and also give the correct answers to all the questions. In short, perform well at the school.

Moving further, these are some of the important tips and tricks which will surely prove helpful in playing the game. While you are an existing player or a new one, these all are beneficial for all the players. We should always follow these tips so that it could be easy to play in an effective way.