Features of New Madden Mobile Game 2018

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EA sports have been constantly developing the features of the Madden Mobile game knowing the requirements of the users and to make their gaming experience even better.

The game by itself is very popular among virtual game lovers of active sports and gives all the real life feelings by its convincing, innovative and beneficial features.

But still there are scope for more and the developers of the game knows it and works day and night for improving your gaming experience and take it to the next level.

Here are some of the new features that focus on the improvements of the inbox features, tuning of the game playing methods and some foundations for future developments.

In-Box Messaging Features in Madden Mobile Game

There are a number of live events that goes on in Madden Mobile and to keep you well informed about the latest the inbox messaging features has been made more interactive and informative.

  • You can now see any upcoming live event schedule and also know about what you can earn when you complete or participate in it.
  • Apart from the program schedule, you would also be able to see the different latest items included in the program which make different sets of programs.
  • The best part of the new feature is that you can interact with the items by flipping them or magnifying them according to your players’ attributes and game playing style.

Get Reminded Automatically in The Game

There are lots of activities and tasks to be done in Madden Mobile game to play it effectively and it may be so that you get confused at times as to decide which task to focus at first.  To save you from this this confusion personal reminder feature is added.

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  • Now you can never miss any important event such as the Showdown as you can set a personal reminder from the title of the live event.
  • Even if you have missed an auction or no one has bought from you then you can repost it from the convenience of your inbox and sit back and enjoy.
  • Not only you get to know about the time when an event is going to start, you also come to know about what changes are going on in the NFL field.

Benefits Of League Chat

There is also another useful feature added which is the league chat and it would surely take your gaming experience to the higher level.

  • You would be able to know instantly all about the earnings of the elite players in the Madden Mobile game.
  • You can sow off your envious and recent collectibles to the admiration of all your league mates.
  • You can use the league chat window you view all items and also interact with them for your own beneficial purpose.

Last Thing To Note

Whatever the features are one the basic thing remains same throughout the game which is for all tasks you would need a considerable source of money in the form of madden cash. Therefore, do not ever miss out on any challenge or task that come s up during the entire game to earn points, rewards, trophies and cash. You can also use madden mobile cheats tool for that matter to find the easiest way out.