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Dunk Shot Hack Cheats

Dunk shot hack and cheats are the best ways to gain free stars unlimited lives within seconds, Don’t believe us then see the dunk shot cheats images we have captured during a online hack session. There are many sites claiming to be real dunk shot online generators but most of them don’t even work, If you really want to learn how to hack dunk shot then this site is the best source to do it online without spending any extra money learning things.

Dunk Shot Hack Cheats Game Overview

Dunk Shot is a arcade game for Android and iOS devices. Published by gaming giant Ketchapp, a company that’s accountable for names Ballz , Rider and Jelly Run to name a few, this game conveys their signature blend of simple, crisp visuals, and thoroughly addictive gameplay mechanics. The goal of Dunk Shot would be to simply shoot as many baskets as possible without missing a single shot. Your run will end if you miss, and you will need to start over. The game is more than simply becoming balls into hoops. There are numerous challenges for you to take on. By spending the money that you earn from your 14, you can also purchase balls with. Do you know what it takes to get the highest scores? Should you require help, you could take a look at our Dunk Shot cheats, tips and tricks for some pointers! Here below we are presenting you the top 7 Secret Dunk Shot Gaming Cheats.

Top 5 Dunk Shot Tips Tricks Hacks And Cheats

  1. Practice all the controls of Dunk Shot

Unlike most games which use swipes to get the ball via The hoop, this game utilizes slingshot mechanics to start the ball. This might take a bit of getting used to since you will have to aim and measure power. Simply pull on the ball back and target in the direction you would like to send the ball flying. The further you pull back, the more power the shot is going to have. You may have to do a few test shots, which means that you are able to get a sense of how far in order to reach the skill level you 34, you want to yank on the ball.

  1. Try to put every ball in the hoop. Practice it !!

A shot is if you ship the ball through the hoop Without it touching the rim. Your first shot at a combo can be worth 2 points. Its value will increase by just one point for every consecutive shot you make. Consequently, if you create 10 shots in a row, the 10th ball is worth 11 points. If your combo ends your perfect shot will return to just 2 points. Practice making these shots because they’re excellent for racking up plenty of points.

  1. Try to get most balls available in the game

There Are Lots of balls which are readily available for you to unlock. All these are such as skins for the basketball, which means that you may have different looks to fit your mood. Some of these balls may be bought using the in-game currency. You simply need to keep playing to earn enough to purchase them. There are also balls that can be unlocked by completing certain missions. These assignments usually involve accomplishing activities in a game. For example, some balls could be unlocked once you hit a certain score in a single game. Exceptional balls may be unlocked by playing for a number of days in a row. If possible, try to unlock all of them.

  1. Be ready for though tasks in the game

When You get to the Ideal rhythm of Earning shots, you May begin to think the game is too easy. Do not relax just yet. The difficulty level ramps up because you make additional shots. After a while, the hoop will begin moving. Initially it will just move from side to side, then down and up. Shortly, it is going to be moving throughout the screen, occasionally beyond. You’ll need to have the ability to anticipate where the hoop would be if you make your shots.

  1. Check Your Positions on Leaderboards

There’s no multiplayer option in the game, but you can By beating on their high scores still compete. You can view the leaderboards using Apple Game Center or even Google Play. If you would like to check out which scores to target for, just tap on the high score before the game and you’ll notice their top players in the world’s scores.

Scoring points and shooting baskets is easy if you rely on Our Dunk Shot hints and suggestions! Should you know any tips for the game, feel Free to leave us a message at the comments!

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How to Hack Dunk Shot Game Within Minutes

Dunk Shot Cheats

If you tried all the above dunk shot tips and still can’t make it, Then we would advice you to use the dunk shot online hack which is readily available here. We provide latest working online cheats through our website cdest.org and many gamers are loving it. So lets get started with step by step method to hack into Dunk shot game.

  1. Use the online dunk shot hack tool available above
  2. Enter your details such as user name and number of stars you need
  3. Verify All the details correctly.
  4. Hit Generate Button.
  5. Verify Your Account.
  6. Done !!

That is it !! Yes!! Now just check your dunk shot game account and you should be having enough stars and other resources you need in your game.

What is Dunk Shot Mod hack apk ?

Dunk shot mod apk is a kind of android package which can be downloaded from several sites, But we would recommend that you do not download it from anywhere, First try to do some research and then only download it from play store or iOS apple store. As other sites may harm your devices by inputting viruses in the package file.


We hope you have found what you were looking for the dunk shot game and we tried to give away as much information we know, We will update the information as we get it, As this game is still new and many updates are coming soon.