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Dragon Project Hack Cheats

If you are a regular game player of JRPG, then you must be knowing about Dragon Project Game from Go Games. A recently released game is making a massive impact on RPG gamers with its best story and gameplay. Our latest Dragon Project Hack No Survey is helping new gamers to collect free Gems and Gold in the game.

If you are playing this game for a long time, you may know how important Gems and Gold are in the game to forge armors and weapons to advance further and battle with scary monsters. Our new Dragon Project Gems Hack can solve your problems by generating unlimited Gems and Gold for your account.

More about Dragon Project Game

Dragon Project is a Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) introduced by GoGames.net It was soft launched in August 2017, in Brunei, Cambodia, and Indonesia and in other fellow neighbours. Later it is launched worldwide in this month October 2017. The game is all about hunting monsters and looting various items for your town.

When you loot the resources from strong monsters, you can use that loot in improving your XP, Forging Armours and Weapons for the next monster hunt. It costs Gems and Gold to increase your strength by getting new weapons and gears.

You can purchase gems in the game store by spending real life cash. But there is another free way of getting them to your account, and that is using Dragon Project Hack. This is an online program which will help you generate free Gems and Gold for your account. There are also some legit Dragon Project Cheats you can use in the game. Let’s take a look at them first.

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Dragon Project Hack Cheats Free Gems

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How to Level Up Fast in Dragon Project?

There are few tips, tricks, and cheats you can follow to level up fast in the game.

Complete Challenges:

There are lots of challenges you will find in this game specifically called as “Quests”. There are daily, weekly and quests and stories you can witness. Try to complete them as much as possible; this will help you gain XP which will help you level up.


Battles are very easy to execute, as long as monsters are not much stronger, you can beat them single-handed, ones you level up and face stronger monsters, and it will take more soldiers with you to defeat them. Try to make friends in the game so that your battle will become easier in the group play.

Jumping into Someone Else Battle:

As you can also take part in other battles, the win benefits you loot of various material which you can use to improve your armours. Look for anyone who is fighting with behemoths, and take part in the battle to share the winning loot.

Forging the Equipment:

When you try to forge an item for your defence or offence, you must consider what level of your current item is, from level A to S. if you are not eligible for upgraded level forge, don’t go for it until you got one.

Get Magi Abilities:

Try to get more Magi abilities by spending summoning crystals on it. This will help you improve your battle capacity in the fight and this way you can level up faster in the game.

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Dragon Project Online Hack Cheats Generator

If above-given tips and tricks look lengthy and time-consuming for you, then you can also make use of Dragon Project Hack Apk for getting unlimited Dragon Project Free Gems to advance in the game without going through of tips mentioned above. This dragon project hack tool will also help you getting more items for your gameplay like Gold, Gems, Summoning Crystals and much more. All you have to do is just follow the process to generate these resources for your account.

Now let us find out how to hack dragon project game using online generator.

How Can I Get Free Gems In Dragon Project?

If you are trying to get free gems in the game, then Dragon Project Gems Generator is the only way you can get them in large quantity. However, you can still use above mentioned tips and tricks to get free gems from the game itself.

You don’t need any kind of dragon project mod apk to perform this task. All you need is to head over to the online generator on this website and follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Use Dragon Project Hack Generator?

There are few steps given below to use this fantastic dragon project resources generator you must follow.

  1. Access the Dragon Project Online Resources Generator.
  2. Put your Username in the Generator.
  3. Enter The Amount of Resources Gems and Gold You Want.
  4. Select Secure Proxy and IP to Process.
  5. Tap on Generate Button To Proceed.
  6. Check your resources in the game.

If you go this way, you can generate unlimited gems and gold for dragon project game.

You can download the game for android as well as for iOS devices using following links.


download dragon project android google plastore

Download For Android



download dragon project for iOS apple devices

Download For iOS

Final Words

When it comes to the freemium games, we all know that there is always a currency you will find which cannot be obtained in bulk to proceed in the game. You have to purchase the currency from a game store.

But nowadays, things are getting changed, and you will now get access to all the currency you want in the game. Technology is changing rapidly, and you can get everything by just searching on the Google for it.

Getting Free Gems and Gold for Dragon Project is not any different thing you are asking. By following right methods, you will be able to get all those free currencies in your account within a fraction of the second.

Still not sure of using this online tool?

Then let us tell you that if you have the only free option to get the resources, you must try this. Because nothing is permanent and this method also not permanent. One day, this method will also get patched by the game developers, and then this tool will not be able to generate your resources in the game.

It is better to grab this opportunity asap to get more gems and gold for your game as this tool is working fine today. No one has seen tomorrow. So don’t waste much time thinking about it and just give it a try.