Different aspects of Covet Fashion With its Hacks and Cheats

Covet Fashion Beginners Guide

Playing games is the best source entertainment. While there are many other sources of getting entertained; however, this is the perfect option. Plenty of people prefer playing virtual styling games in the free time. If we talk about the most popular virtual styling game, then it is covet fashion. If you love the women fashion, then such game is the ideal choice. In this, the players will undergo several fashion challenges, which can be completed by dressing the model in the proper manner.

The other players give votes to the model according to the looks. The players will basically attain the prize when they get four or more score. Such prize includes the amazing clothing item for the virtual closet. In order to purchase the items, we are only required to use the dollars, and the value of the closet will increase when we upgrade the level. In order to know more about the game, watch this video or read the further article.

Covet Fashion Currency Cheats

Money and tickets are the main currencies, and the players are advised to collect such currency at the maximum level. Generally, it has observed that players don’t focus on the collection of currency and in the result; they can’t play in the proper manner. In fact, this is the most common mistake done by them.

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If you don’t want to repeat such mistake then participate in the many events as these can help in attaining the currency. There are many different methods, which are helpful in the task of gathering in-game currency. By connecting to Facebook, we can also get some currency. Moreover, you can use covet fashion hack to generate game currency on your own. Here are some even more ways –

  • Open the game on a daily basis for attaining the daily bonus.
  • Enter the daily 500 regularly for grabbing cash and tickets.


A vast range of garments present in order to dress up the avatar. The players are given some certain amount of money, and by this, they can buy the garments. If you also want to get the desired garments, then it requires the currency. Above mentioned covet fashion cheats are very helpful for you in getting these currencies, follow them. Always keep in mind the purchase items can’t be sold back, so the players are required to buy the cash in the proper manner.

Fashion house

If a player wants to enjoy a lot, then he/she is advised to join the fashion house. There are a number of such kinds of houses present; however, some of them are really very selective, and they don’t allow every player to join. In order to join some special fashion houses, the players are basically required to reach a certain level.

In addition to this, if the player participates in the daily events, then he/she will also get the chance to join these fashion houses. In case, you are not active or not playing for a long time then there are chances of getting an eviction. Apart from this, players can also open their own fashion houses. So, if you haven’t found any house, then it is advised to open the new one.