A Complete Guide For Beginners- Episode: Choose Your Story

Episode: Choose Your Story is a type of mobile game based on stories run on both iOS and Android versions. In the game, each player can make fun by exciting what is going to be next! There they can make these stories in their own exciting way. It is going to be very exciting to earn more currencies to unlock various stories.

  • But the primary information for all the parents, i.e. the game includes some age restrictions of children. Make sure that your child is 13 year plus to play the game. In this, some sexual content and stories are available which is not suitable for the students. Always try to open creative and meaningful stories and try to avoid harmful content.

When it comes to beginner’s guide, then it is very beneficial to enjoy the game. With the proper guidance of Episode: Choose Your Story Game one can enjoy more and can become the master of the game.

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Without the use of a particular currency, one cannot run the game and cannot do various tasks.  It is crucial to earn the currency and enjoy the game by unlocking multiple exciting stories. There are two types of currency are available: –

  • Gems
  • Passes

Gems are considered as the primary and premium currency of the game. One needs to collect the right number of gems to play the stories. Also, these gems can be used at the time of making any particular decision of taking any task. To earn this currency, one needs to take help from some legit episode choose your story hack such as watch free advertisements and need to complete daily tasks.

On the other hand, passes are used to unlock various stories at different places. It is not an easy task to earn passes; one needs to do lots of things. In every four hours, a player needs to collect the reward to receive them. It is crucial to use them wisely to play the game correctly and to enjoy more.