Choices: Stories You Play- Game Guide For Beginners

Playing the Choices game allows a user to predict the next situation based on various stories. It is a free game for everyone! But one needs to purchase the items and dress-up material for making a perfect choice. Also, there is a need to read the terms and conditions before making any purchase.

In this type of game, you can easily choose any one story like:-

  • Fall in love
  • Solves crime
  • Solving adventures issues
  • Epic fantasy adventure story
  • Control what happens next!

Also, a user can enjoy more by choosing the latest stories of Choices Game.  Some current stories include:-

  • The Freshman– welcome to Hartfield University! Here you can make new friends for life and can find true love. Would you like to date Bookish James, party girl jasmine, cricket hero Jass chri…? Or want to date all three at once?

Dress up the favorite character according to the latest fashion.

Choose up the clothes and hairs and new shoes!

Choose a date for the elegant.

  • The Crown And The Flame– your enemies, has stolen the kingdom, now it’s time to create your army and battle them to win kingdom again! Assume the role of the hero and build a stronger military, master magic to gain new crowns.

From better alliances and perfect relationships, create a powerful army!

Dress in the proper fashion and create armors.

Crush all the enemies in battle and make a perfect win moment.

  • Perfect Match– login high tech matchmaking services of Eros incorporated. Become a master of the dating game! Create an ideal look, match up with dating partner. Being fall in love and make a perfect fantastic story!

Customize the date according to favorite formal and create a story

Role play as a male or female

Investigate some twists that you want to add up in the mysterious story!

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