Beginners Guide and How To Play Dragon City Game

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Dragon city is a type of Facebook mobile game which allows a game player to enjoy more and experience new things.

Discovering new dragons and train them properly enable players to become ready for battles with other players. In this topic, we’ll discuss about ways to play this game efficiently without any doubt in mind.

Also, you can quickly clear the doubt how to make the dragons stronger for the battles. How to level up quickly, how to breed rare dragons? We’ll discuss all topics.

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Currencies and points

Major currencies include in this game are:-

  • Gold
  • Food
  • Gem
  • EXP
  • Numbers of dragons, etc.

One can easily earn the game gold by winning battles, through questing, dragon habitats. Questing and farmhouses will earn dragon city food. If we talk about the gem, it is considered as real currency in the game. Earning gems is not a simple thing, however using some real dragon city hack and tricks can get you free gems as well. Earning EXP allows a player to unlock various levels and to build the rare dragons.


The primary way of gaining more dragons is dragon breeding. Selecting many dragons for breeding one can easily get dragon offspring. Such combinations can be applied for making a stronger dragon that you are looking for battles.


At the time of entering the fight there are two options available:

  • Stadium fights
  • Combat world

Both the possibilities contain the same base to throw out the dragons for battle and to earn the gold. In the battle, dragons include four basic moves to win up to the level. Such moves are related to elementals that can effectively deal more damage. Higher HP dragons contain low attacks, and on the other hand, weaker HP dragons include high attacks.

Which dragon should be choosing in the beginning?

An earth dragon is recommended to choose at the beginning as it contains more reliably to battle and to earn gold fast.

This is a particular different guide which helps you to enjoy the Dragon City game.