An Ultimate Guide To Monster Legend Mobile Game! – Tips And Cheats

A type of battling game with various monsters and opponents is Monster Legends. One can smoothly play the game through browsers, Facebook on, and iOS devices.

For playing the game gently and for enjoying every moment, one needs to follow experts’ tips and cheats. Also, it helps a user to reduce all mental strain by becoming a master player. Let’s go with useful tips, and hacks: –

  • Create a strong army and island

First of all, every player needs to develop their island and needs to create an active military. With that, they can easily create a base for weapons and army for battle.

For developing all of the characters or island, one needs to earn more game currency. To earn game currency, one needs to pass beginning levels and need to collect daily rewards.

With that, a user can easily make their strong island and army to win over multiple opponents.

  • Kinds of currency

Two types of currencies are there which a user needs to earn for buying rare items and monsters.

  • Gems
  • Gold

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It is recommended for a beginner to use the currency in sufficient amount as when the level passes up more of difficulties also comes.

So, in that case, a user can correctly use the currency to pass up the standard by upgrading their army. In simple words, coins can be used to train, grow, and feed the military in order to make them stronger enough.Other than this, a complete monster legends hack for free gems is there to help you get free resources in game easily.

To earn gems and gold, one can perform tasks like: –

  • Collect daily reward
  • Passes up various missions
  • Watch free ads
  • Earning Exp’s
  • Fight different opponents through the adventure map
  • Clearing island

Don’t forget to collect

When you collect enough gems and gold for various purpose, it’s the time to catch up monsters’ egg.

There is a list of monster eggs available with skills, performance, and how rare they are. One can better collect the rare dragon in order to grow up and win every fight.